What is a compounded or customized medication?

A compounded or customized medication is prepared in the pharmacy by staff for each patient according to the prescribed directions. Compounded medications are not available from Drug manufacturers

Are customized medications FDA approved?

Customized medications are not approved by the FDA. Customized medications are prepared in a pharmacy. The pharmacy is under the direction of the state boards of pharmacy and as such are subject to strict rules of compliance.

Who writes for customized medications?

Licensed prescribers can write for customized medications.

What types of medications are written for as customized medications?

All types of medications are prescribed in this manner. These can include pain management combination drugs, heart medication, specialty medications for different disease states.

What type of patients use customized medications?

The client possibilities for customized medications is endless. Premature babies and hospice patients use customized medications, as do compensation pain patients. Customized medications are used for patients allergic to dyes, people who can not swallow, patients who need injections as an example.  Customized medications are used in pain pumps, for eye drops, for toe nail fungus, mouth ulcers,  and many many more treatments.

What type of dosage forms can be made with customized medications?

Customized medications come in a wide variety of dosage forms that can include creams, ointments, solutions, suspensions, lotions, injections, troches, tablets, capsules and lollipops to name a few.

How can PVPCN help in the care of patients with customized medication prescriptions?

PVPCN is dedicated to ensuring that it’s member pharmacies adhere to some of the highest quality standards possible in the customized medication industry. The programs that member pharmacies must adhere to are rigorous. The programs are designed to provide the best possible care to patients and payors.

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What happens next?

After executing a  confidentiality statement we will request pharmacy data from you to evaluate including
A full data set analysis from D.0 transmissions.

Our analysis will be presented to help determine cost saving as well as what clinical management step can be taken to ensure the value of the resources.

Compounding Pharmacy is the legacy and future of Pharmacy
and Health Care. Offering a managed care approach for
professional, quality compounding preparations at a reliable
and ethical cost is imperative to the delivery of Health Care for
all in need.

We are confident that we will save PBM’s, Health Plans, and self insured businesses a large portion of their current compounding medication expenses.